The whole world is struggling with this horrible pandemic COVID 19. Every one, including the ones who are meant to take care of us, (the Government, the doctors, etc ) are just trying to fight this invisible enemy without any weapons. They tell us that we need to stay away from people and social life is almost zero. For many, it is causing people to lose hope . Amidst all this craziness, millions of people have lost their jobs which it’s causing SSI much anxiety and stress. If you are one of those struggling with this job uncertainty, remember you are human, you are allowed to grieve this tough situation. Keep in mind these tips to help you through this difficult time:

Your worth has not changed!
It’s hard to accept when something happens that is out of our control. This pandemic is pushing every company to make difficult decisions. Do realize, this is no way related to your capabilities.

Don’t hesitate to seek help!
Accept and acknowledge that this is a really bad situation for any one. Allow yourself time to grieve over this. Mental health is important. Talk to our Certified poker support specialists, your friends or family about your feelings. Still, If you feel like you are loosing grip on your mind, reach out to a therapist. We are here to help you find the resources you need.

Try to get financial help from everywhere possible!
Everyone you meet might try to help you with free advices, but advices can’t pay your bills. You should not let your ego come in between, to get any financial help possible for yourself and your family. Try to make the maximum use of local, state or government resources, such as food banks. They may be available to help with meeting basic needs. In addition, in the United States, you may be able to get affordable health insurance through if you’ve lost your health insurance coverage. Unemployment help may also be available.

Keep searching for new jobs!
Many companies are struggling, but there are many other companies thriving. Keep searching for new jobs and stay motivated and confident. Take up any job (big or small) which comes your way. This will show future employers that you are a hard worker and can set aside ego for stability. Keep in mind, once these pandemic days are over everything is going to change for good. The job market is going to be up again.

This too shall pass!
“The most important thing in 2020 is, to be ALIVE”
As dramatic as it sounds, it is true. Focus on the bigger picture, take care of your health and stay hopeful. Believe in yourself and know that things are going to be good again. This too shall pass.

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