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Boost Your Immune System
Look Years Younger
Achieve Your Ideal Weight  – All Naturally

Welcome to Rosie Health

Hi, I am Rosie Funderburk, founder of Rosie Health.

Today, more than ever, it is vital to keep our immune system in top working order. Did you know in addition to helping our bodies maintain our ideal weight, our immune system is our first line of defense against over 100
autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases?

So if you want to look years younger, have more physical energy, mental focus and achieve your ideal weight, all naturally, Rosie Health is for you!

Get started on your personal road to great health!

Our Services

Healthy Eating


FREE 60 minute session

Join a group of individuals suffering from similar mental illnesses/ addiction recovery and talk through your trials with a Certified Peer Support Specialist.

Healthy Living

30 minutes – Covid19 price $5

One-on-one time with a Certified Peer Support Specialist to work through substance abuse issues, or mental illness. In Person or Zoom Video Chat options available

Rosie Health's Story

Rosie Funderburk is the founder of this non-profit.  She has anxiety and depression and has a husband with severe OCD.

After years of the lived experience of dealing with the financial strain that therapy can bring to families with mental illness, she set out to find an affordable solution. Support groups are low-cost, but don’t always offer everything you need to improve your mental health. There are very few options in between for those with tight budgets and families to feed. She decided to do something about it, and so Insane Ability was born. 

Meet Rosie

Certified Peer Support Specialists use their own life experience to guide those experiencing similar illnesses and trials.  Our specialists are here to listen, help set goals, find resources, and talk through any problems that may be going on in your life.


rosie headshot

Supporting you in:

  •  OCD
  • Anxiety
  • Major Depression
  • ADHD
  • Education for those with Family or friends suffering from any mental illness


Private and Group Support

Grief Support Coaching

Join us every other Thursday for our Grief Coaching.


Teen Group Coaching

Our Teen Group meets every other Monday evening. Bring your teen that may be struggling with mental illness or behavioral issues.

Substance Abuse

Our Substance Abuse Group meets every other Saturday.

Mental Health Coaching

We meet once a month to discuss a specific type of mental illness. Such as, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.

Covid-19 has caused us to move our meetings to Zoom for the time being.
For dates, times and reservations, Text (801) 215-9021

Let's talk about your next session with us

Don’t wait, we really can improve your health and your outlook!